Online Security

Learn how to protect your computer, your information, and your online files. Online security is an essential part to your business’ well being.

The internet offers access to a world of products and services, entertainment and information, at the same time, it creates opportunities for scammers, hackers, and identity thieves. Learn how to protect your computer, your information, and your online files.

Firewall Security

Firewall Security is a crucial aspect of online security. It acts as a protective barrier between your computer or network and the internet, helping to prevent unauthorized access to your system. A firewall can be hardware-based or software-based, and its primary function is to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and block any suspicious or harmful activity.


Spam is unsolicited and unwanted messages that are sent to your email inbox or other platforms. It can be an annoying and time-consuming issue for businesses, as it can clog up inboxes and distract employees from their work. Effective spam filtering can help to reduce the amount of spam that makes it through to your inbox.

Security Certificates (SSL)

Security Certificates (SSL) are digital certificates that help to secure online communication between a website and its visitors. SSL certificates encrypt sensitive information, such as credit card details, usernames, and passwords. Which makes it difficult for hackers to intercept and steal this data.

Backup Assistance

Backup Assistance is an essential service that helps to protect your business from data loss. It involves regularly backing up your important files and data to a secure location. So that if your system is compromised you can quickly restore your data.


Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts your files and data. Making them inaccessible until you pay a ransom to the attacker. It is a serious threat to businesses, as it can cause significant financial and reputational damage. Virus Attacks are a common form of online threat that can infect your system and cause a range of problems, including data loss, system crashes, and theft of sensitive information. Effective antivirus software can help to protect your system from these attacks.


Malware is a broad term that refers to any malicious software. Designed to harm your computer or steal your data. It can take many forms, including viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware. It is a serious threat to businesses, as it can cause significant damage and disrupt your operations.

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Joe Hano
Joe Hano
I've been extremely fortunate to work at JRA Design & Technology! I love my job and the people I work with. I'm always encouraged to be creative, express my ideas and think outside the box. If you don't love your job get a new one! I've never called in sick....😉
Trish H.
Trish H.
Very happy with JRA Design & Technology. Whitney does a great job handling our site and social applications. Currently our online presence consists of our site, facebook, twitter, instagram and a blog. Our site was recently updated to a wordpress site that is much better than the old html one. I think it indexes better for searches and is more mobile friendly than the last one. Good job guys! Working with the JRA Team is always a pleasure. We really appreciate their attention to detail that many would simply overlook. Thanks for all your hard work. Trish Toomey Water Services
Joe Hano
Joe Hano
JRA Design and Technology have been handling our website, email accounts, google business locations and social application postings and do a fantastic job. We're very happy with all the work they've done for our online presence. We have 35 stores in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Our traffic is on average 75k visits to all our online pages, maps and social applications, facebook and twitter. Another nice feature is the analytic report we receive every month. It summarizes all important information so we can track, see progress and know where improvements are needed. The really nice thing about working with JRA is that they will assess the ongoing situation and offer ways to improve current and future projects. Currently we have started with Joe and his team producing videos promoting our monthly sales. This is looking very promising in a way to boost our sales. Thank you Joe H.
Barbara Woodsman
Barbara Woodsman
Professional and friendly, created my site and handled my email accounts. Really like the fact that they’re local and can take care of everything I need for my business. I always recommend them to other businesses that I deal with. Barbara at Task Concierge
JRA Design
JRA Design
JRA Technology has always done an outstanding job. Handling our site design, social apps and video production. They are always dependable and professional.